2002 Volvo Penta 5.7L GXI-D

by Andy Rong
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

2003 Cruisers Yacht 3075 problem, Every morning it is start normally and working good, but after I back to slip and shut down the engines, and it will be not start when I want to start again. But after few hours, it will start smoothly again.

I already change the manifold, riser, And all the spark plugs, and also checked the oil pump pressure (they are normal),and I tested the fuel injoctors ( they are working good) , I ask few technicians to check the problems, all of them said engine is working good, and don’t know why it can not start sometimes.

But when it can not start, I gave it some gas by putting the throttle to neutral and pushing to go almost full throttle while trying to start with the key. It is able to start this way with heated engines. As said before, the engines cold start well.

Who meet same problem? Would you like to help me.

My engine is 2002 Volvo penta 5.7 GXI-D

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