2002 Mercury 75 hp 2 stroke

by Jon Sturos
(Peoria, AZ)

I was at full throttle (5000-5100 rpm) shortly after leaving the no wake zone and the engine just completely shut down. It would not start for a little while after that. After approx 10 min. it would start and run only with the high idle lever lifted, but then would shut off after it was lowered. After another little while it would run with the lever down, but then would die as soon as you put it into gear. After another little bit it would run in gear, but only at 2-3000 rpms. I was able to limp it back to the boat ramp like that.Other info:The annual maintainance was done a couple of months ago, including rebuilding the 3 carbs. It has been running great right up to that moment.What do you think is the most likely problem(s)?

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