2002 9.9hp 9EXHA and 1994 9ELHS motor swap

by Peter
(Vancouver BC)

We are swapping out the 9EXHA motor and installing a 1994 9ELHS power head onto the this leg.

Mostly everything seems to fit except the cooling systems are different and I cant find schematics for the tubing layouts. We have swapped the fuel pumps.

The newer leg has an outlet tube that exits at the prop with a large diameter hose, but where should this hose connect to on the motor?

The newer motor had a tee in the hoses that connect to each cylinder, did this go to the fuel pump?

The newer leg intake hose has a 90 Deg turn a short leg and a T, one side goes to the thermostat, where does the other small diameter hose go to?

Also we are getting a small amount of oil from the overflow hole which may still be left over from the swap or the motors are slightly different leaving gaps in the gaskets. Hope its the first one.

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