2001 yr. 225 mercury optimax 2 stroke motor

by carl

i posted an article about hard to get on plane with a tr 21 triton and this motor also additional comments i forgot about at the time is when i load this boat on the trailer to pull out of the water the motor when pushing on to the trailer starts like it's fouling plugs or missing very bad like sputtering i called a mechanic about 60 mile from my home and he said the pee hole from the impeller disachage might be under water at an angle causing this problem i also read this in my manual that if you're water impeler discharge is submerged it could cause the motor to miss i've checked it loading the boat and made sure that the pee hole is not submerged and still does it he said that if this was not the problem it would have to be checked since i bought the boat in april 2010 i had him put it on computer and it did not show anything so i guess this means run it and check manualy without a computer which probably means pretty good money out of pocket for a mechanic to do it he is schooled very well on optimax and mercuy motors lot's of degrees and personal references so i'm sure he's pretty good at what he does he also is the closest knowledeable mechanic to me so it can be a bit of a hassle trying to run 60 mile at a time and communicate with him at that distance so i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and has a solution and why this 225 mercury optimax would have this problem and how to fix it,to clairify the motor comes out of the hole sort of slow to me but dose not miss it runs great on plane smooth no miss at all so he also said it sounds like the plugs are in good shape all comments and help truely appreciated, tks. for looking

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