2001 mercury 4 stroke 25 hp, not giving me full power in forward?

by anna
(Battle Ground, WA)

I purchased this motor on my boat.
2001 Mercury 25hp Big Food 4 stroke
when in idle it sounds like its getting gas
when in forward, pushing a load and have throttle wide open it sounds like it is not in full power?
checked the gas line to tank-its ok
any suggestion what to check next?

thank you
a Lady that is trying to figure out the problem without spending $100. hr to a mechanic.

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Jul 25, 2014
spark plugs
by: Anonymous

checked spark plugs with spark plug tester and the color is coming out orange??

Jul 23, 2014
wont go full throttle, boggy?
by: Anonymous

thank you. i will check the gap
the carb. cleaning gave it some spunk, but when I have more than one person in boat, it wont open up ( not enough RPM's?
its boggy? does that make sense
I replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and all new non ethanol gas.

Jul 11, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you
I had spark, finally pulled the carburetor it was full of gook.
soaked carburetor and blew out jets with air
works like a new motor now !!
wow, I did it..

Jun 25, 2014
Boat not reaching for power
by: Bruce

Check to see that you are getting a blue spark on your spark plug. Make sure the gap is right on your spark plug by using a feeler gauge and somebody at the auto parts store can tell you how to do that very easily.
Check to see that the linkage is moving far enough when you are in wide-open throttle sitting in the driveway without the engine running. Go back to the engine and see if you can manually move the linkage farther in the direction it was trying to travel.
Check and see that your fuel filter is not plugged up.

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