2000 Mercury 15hp 2 stroke

by Donnie
(Lex sc )

I have a 2000. 15hp Mercury 2 stroke I have had it a few months. On the way out to the lake it started bogging down. I stop made sure the ball was hard everything looked ok . Got it home spoked to a few boat mechanics who advise me my carburetor was stopped up . I took the carburetor apart and cleaned it put it back on. Fired it up and it will idle when given it gas it cuts off cleaning didn’t work. So I went and bought a rebuilt kit put everything in same thing would idle but if you give it gas it would cut off . Also if you choke it then it will run or if you put you finger over the carburetor it will run .The mechanic told me to bring him the carburetor and he will see if I missed anything. I took it to him and he said everything was right .I really need help with this please so it only idles unless you choke it or put your finger over some of the carburetor hole I have put new lines on it a new ball and new lines for the carb to the power head any thoughts would be appreciated

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