2000 Johnson Ocean Pro 150hp

by Mark

Engine fires up and runs great but at idle or just in gear like you are in a no wake zone, the engine runs for a minute or two then stalls. It's like it runs like the gas is pulled from the primer bulb forward out of the line. If you squeeze the primer bulb, the engine stays running. If you troll at a t 700rpm, it stays running. Stalling only happens at idle, whether in gear or in neutral. I have replaced the gas line, fuel/water separator filter and primer bulb. I don't think it's the fuel pump as it works fine at higher RMPs. I premix and am not using the VRO but this issue happened with it engaged as well. It's frustrating when you are in a no wake zone or trying to launch or dock the boat. You have to keep squeezing the primer every few minutes to keep it running. I have searched all over the internet but can't find the solution. Please help if you know what the fix is.

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