2000 DF70

by Matt

Hey All, looking for advice on replacing the driveshaft seals on my outboard. I diagnosed the issue after seeing the gearcase oil mixed with water and when pressure checking the leak is at the seal housing where it meets the driveshaft.

I've replaced the seals a couple times following service manual for an 02 now but they leak on me after one outing in the boat.

Some steps to note:

I don't see or feel any extra play in the drive shaft when I bolt everything back together.

When installing the seals I coat the outside with gasket sealer and the inside with Evinrude triple guard grease.

Sandwich bag over the spline to prevent seal damage.

OEM Suzuki seals

Pressure check after installation and everything checks out at 14 psi when moving prop and driveshaft.

Maybe I'm installing the seals wrong? Lip is facing toward water pump on both seals. I can easily seat them with my hands and I don't leave a gap between them.

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