2000 70 hp Evinrude starts great but only runs for a few seconds

by Alton Borel
(Beaumont, Texas)

I have a 20' pontoon boat with a 70 hp evinrude on it. It has been hanging in a boat lift since last July. Went to get it started and clean it for the summer and found that it would start but would only run for a few seconds.

First, I felt that I had a problem with the fuel lines so I replaced the primer bulb. Still had a problem so I disconnected the fuel line and inserted it in to a open lid gas can. Bulb pumped up fine, engine fired right up but would not stay running.

I know that I will have to try to get the pickup tube out of the tank. Already tried and, after unscrewing the fitting, the tube end would not come past the bulkhead fitting. I know that has nothing to do with not running very long.

As an added note, I read that the tank should not have a check valve. Mine does. Should I remove the spring loaded ball?

Don,t know if it is related but, ever since I have had this boat, I have difficulty getting it over 4800rpm. I have tried changing the prop but it still will not over rev.

If you can give me some direction I would appreciate it.

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