1999 Yamaha 200 HP VMAX OX66

by Kyle Fain
(Chatham, Louisiana)

Alarms not working. I have the standard gauge package. the boat has two trouble lights on the dash, one for low oil and the other high temp, the horn should blow when either light come on.
when I turn the key on I should get a horn and both lights should come on momentarily for a self-test. I get no horn and only the low oil light comes on.
Things I have checked.
(1) I have checked the high temp dash light. it is good.
(2) I have turned the switch on and pulled the kill switch. No horn blew, as it should have.
(3) I started engine on the flusher and grounded the pink wire on the high temp sensors, No light no horn.
(4) while the engine was running I triped the low oil switch, the Low oil level light on the dash came on but no horn.
(5) I have checked the horn and it works as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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