1999 Yamaha 200 hp. V-6, Carb, OX-66, 2-stroke

Just happened first time running at 3800-4200 rpm for about 10 minutes started to lose power slowly, alarm went off but no light!
Went into limp mode, so I shut off ignition waited a few seconds, restarted and power was back ok, ran back home at 3500 with no problem ! I have replaced the both thermostats and poppet valve recently and cleaned out all orifaces that I could get to...they were not clogged but wanted to clean out as best I could ! I have not replaced the temp sensors as yet !!??
I also have a low rpm limp mode problem occasionally ( 1000 rpm or less )as my run thru no wake canals to the open water is about 20-25 min. and when throttling up it goes into limp mode...no alarm... ?? I usually shut off the ignition,
wait 5 seconds restart and all is fine !
Your thoughts and ideas welcome !!

The motor is a 1999 Yamaha 200 V-6, carbureted OX-66 2-STROKE
with only 170 hours on it from new!

Thank you in advance....

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