1999 Trojan 360 express cruiser Waste Valve Isolation Problem

by Jim LaBadie
(Traverse City Michigan)

I bought a 1999 Trojan 360 express cruiser. After buying the boat I discovered that in addition to the waste water tank she also has an alternative system for taking the waste overboard when it is legal. Since I boat in the Great Lakes it is not and I need to shut that line off. According to the manual there is a breaker switch for the waste pump and I have turned it off. The manual also states that there is a switch or valve in the engine room to close the line. It is stated in the manual that that switch is located forward of the port engine. I and several other boaters have looked and cannot locate it. I have also looked near the wastewater tank and other places along the waste line and find nothing. Help Please!!! Does anyone have an idea where it could be located? Thank you...Jim

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