1999 Johnson 115 2 stroke

Just bought the boat (pre-owned). It was a week or more before i could take it out.
I started the engine in his driveway with muffs on and it ran strong and screamed. I got it home and took it to a small lake nearby. Engine cranked right up, no issue. As i left the ramp and turned around and gave it 1/2 throttle the bow raised as expected. As i gave it full throttle the bow raised higher and the boat just dug a hole and would not plane up no matter how long i had the throttle open.
I was told i was probably the prop so I took it off and took it in to be checked at the Johnson shop and maybe purchase a new one.
They told me the prop was just fine. I ask about pitch, bearings etc and he said the bearing looked fine and the pitch should work fine on my 17.6 Sprint 277 F/S.

My question is "what can cause this if i have ruled out the prop and on shore acceleration but when in the water it will not plane out"?

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