1999 175hp Mercury Mariner: Fuel Primer won't prime and feels like it's only sucking air

by Josh
(Tacoma, WA)

I have a 199 175hp Mercury Mariner that the fuel primer won't prime the engine and feels likes it's only sucking in air. The problem occurred a year ago right before I had some work done and when I asked the mechanic about it he said there was no problem with it and the motor primed without any issues. After I picked the boat up it worked fine for a few outings and then stopped working again and I haven't been able to get it working since (I've been overseas and am just now getting a chance to try and fix it). The actual motor itself only has one short northwest fishing season on it since the motor was completely replaced so I don't believe that the carb., plugs, or fuel pump is bad. I would like to fix it myself if I can figure out the problem and get some ideas on how to fix it. Thank You in advance for any help. babinjoshua@yahoo.com


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