1998 Yamaha 90hp 20 inch shaft, 2 stroke

by Lonnie Harvey
(Brandon, Florida)

1. I have water (light white sludge on spark plug)in the #3 cylinder, compression check was #1 125# #2 120# and #3 90#. I replaced the head gasket. Now I have 125, 125 and 110 in #3 and still have water in the cylinder. I have been told it could be a leaking gasket under the power head or a leak around the reed valves. Does this make sense?

2. When the motor is running on ear muffs I get a good stream of water out of the top (where it should come out) but also a stream comes out of the front of the motor at the area where the lower unit is located at about the same rate as the top. Is this normal and if not what might it be?

I am a bit mechanically inclined but have no familiarity with outboards so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Lonnie Harvey

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