1998 yamaha 25 hp two stroke

by Bill
(Egg Harbor Twp. NJ _ USA)

I believe I'm getting water in the lower unit. Drain lube appears to be cloudy and lighter colored than the original lube, when left in a clear container for an extended period of time it separates with the cloudy, thicker, lighter substance accumulating at the bottom of the container. It never actually takes on the appearance of water and can also accumulate at the top of container. I have pressure tested lower unit at 15 PSI an vacuum tested at 29 inches and both hold for an extended period of time. I've changed lube several times but the cloudy, lighter, thicker substance continues to appear and separate when left standing for a few days. Upper and lower seals and o rings have been replaced and shafts and seal housings cleaned. Do you believe what I'm describing is water or something else? There are no metal fillings in the lube and the separated substance never takes on the appearance of water.

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