1998 Mercury 2 Stroke Fuel Injected

by Corey
(Tallahassee Florida )

I am first time boat owner and have a 1998 Bayliner Trophy. I took the boat out a few weeks ago and everything seemed great no issues. The other day I tried to crank the motor and it would turn however would not start. I went through the electrical system too to bottom no issues there. I took the grey fuel line off coming from the tank to the motor and noticed the plastic inside on the ends was eroded. I replaced that line and figured since it looks almost as if that was restricting fuel flow that would solve the issue. It will still not crank however I then noticed when I turn the key I do not hear the engine priming at all before attempting to start as I had before. What part makes that buzzing sound when you just turn the key one click it seems to have failed? Where would I look to find it on the motor?

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