1998 Evinrude 150 hydra sport 175LS won’t go into gear

by Joel Armstrong
(Tulsa, Ok. )

I just purchased a great 1998 Hydra Sport 175. With a carburetor Evinrude 150. I’ve taken the boat out 3 times. Everything has worked like it should. Then on the fourth time out. I unload the boat, start the motor, it starts just fine. Go to put it in gear, and it won’t go into gear. It’s like no matter where you put the throttle, the motor stays in neutral. It’ll rev up, but will not go into gear. And judging by all the water turbulence, the propeller is turning. When I got it home. I took off the motor cover. And I can see the linkage moving at the motor. The throttle handle does feel kinda lose.

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