1998 C75

by Arthur
(Portage Des sioux)

The motor keeps going through cdi modules. I've heard everyone say these do not break, yet I'm on 3rd and needing another. As usual I completely went through fuel system,rebuilt carbs changed all fuel lines, and flushed anything left with denatured alcohol. New tank, new pump ball line, fuel pump is good, gas is new. Plugs are at 40. The motor sinks and links to perfection in driveway but once it's in water it falls on face. The place I bought motor from diagnosed first one bad and replaced it. Seems when warm under a load it pops and dies. What would make these go bad. I disconnect batteries when I park boat and batteries are always fresh and charged. Key is in off position when I disconnect battery. I'm at a lose. The shops here say it's gas.the gas is new with proper oil mix. Voltage on battery when motor runs in driveway is 12-13+.if any ideas I'd love to here them.

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