1998 60 horse evinrude. 60ttlecm

by Galen
(Missouri )

Similar but not exactly my motor

Similar but not exactly my motor

Just bought the motor used and got it mounted to boat . Replaced the same motor that was a 1991 . This motor ran great for about 1 hour then acted like we had run aground started to die I was able to wiggle throttle and get it to go a little longer then it did the same thing and died won’t restart squeeeze ball Is too hard to squeeze ? Gas dripping from carbs after cranking for a few minutes but still won’t start or will very quickly die if it starts at all . I just mounted everything I’m curious if I could have kill switch grounded somewhere ?
Fuel tank was emptied and drained new hose and primer from tank to motor installed . Ran like a top for the first hour . We started to drift and work on depth finder I started motor a couple of times to keep us on course . Finally got depths finder working and started boat to return to launch ran about 100 yards and died restarted went another 100 and it would not start after dying . ??? I have not replaced filter under hood yet but am making the assumption if I am getting fuel to carbs it should start ? I got it to fire very briefly in the tow back to launch but died almost immediately

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