1997 Volvo Penta 7.4 GL

by Charles Bryant
(Surf City, North Carolina )

Recently bought an older 1997 Albemarle center console wilt a carbonated 7.4 gl in it. Ran it for about 30 minutes, slowed down to just above idle for several minutes approaching a channel then it died. Started it back up, ran it for several min and it died again, Got it started again after several min, let it idle and it died again. My first thought was fuel, but then I noticed that every time it died the tachometer quit working about five seconds prior. Felt the Coil and it felt pretty hot, Jad my wife turn it over as I checked for spark at the distributor cap by removing a plug wire and it was non existent. Limped it back towards the marina till it finally wouldn’t start at all and got towed in. Brought the boat home after it cooled down and just tried cranking it to see and it started right up. Could this be a bad Coil or do you think I have another issue? Any help is super appreciated!

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