1997 volvo penta 3.0

by brendan
(saratoa county florida)

Hi guys! I am new to boating and really engines so this should be a fun walk through lol. I have a 1997 wellcraft excel. When i bought it the previous owner said it needed a fuel pump "cause he took the fuel hose and put into a gas tank and it wasn't sucking any fuel". I replaced the fuel pump and the starter as that stopped working (probably my fault) and the water pump is leaking I will be replacing that. BUT onto my issue the motor will run if I pour gas into the carb and will receive gas after the boat is running. but when the boat dies or shuts off when I go to start it again no fuel seems to be getting to the carb. But while its running there is gas going into the carb and it seems to run okay it dies here and there and is slowly running longer but the boat has sat since 2014. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- lost at sea

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