1996 yamaha pro v 200 won't start after sitting up

1996 Basscat pantera 2 bought march 2015. Boat/motor only had little over 400 hours total. Met the owner day of sale to see and run boat for first time and it ran great but he had let interior and most other things just ruin. Got a good deal so I bought it for a very good price. Fished it through the summer with no motor problems. Decided the boat was worth getting repairs and updates done. Took it to Basscat and had interior redone,steering,guages updated, new 24v trolling motor and more. Looks Great! First time I had a problem with the motor starting was after I picked it up and it sat for about 2 months before I could take it out. Got to the lake and launched and didn't think it was gonna start before battery gave out. It was turning over but to me it was like it was not firing. Seemed to not even be trying to start. Then boom started up. Didn't have much problem rest of the year starting. Now it has been in shop stored through winter about 6 months and I pulled it out of the shop hooked it up to water and it just turns over but wont start.

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