1996 VP 5.0 EFI. The tag says: 5 OFI PNCACE 4110132359 and 3868416

by Mark
(Gibsonton, FL)

1996 VP 5.0 EFI.

1996 VP 5.0 EFI.

It is a 1996 VP 5.0 EFI that may have been converted to EFI-not sure. However, it was rebuilt and it sits in a 1996 Regal Commodore 258.

The engine runs great at idle and seems to at speed the little that I had it in the water. However, it idles way too high--1800 RPM after warm up. It will not drop down and there is no adjustment on the throttle body. I believe idle should be about 600 RPM.

I understand it may be the IAC? Any other common reasons this might be the case and suggestions on how to resolve it would be awesome.

Thank you

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