1996 Mercury 40 hp 2 stroke 4 cylinder on a Bass Tracker

by Del Shanle

Can't get it started I have taken carbs off at least 6 times soaked in Berryman carb cleaner also soaked in gas with sea foam Rebuilt the fuel pump seems to try and run while pushing in on choke but won't start ball pumps up hard it has a fuel tank but I have tried on a separate tank but still won't start it looks like the fuel in filter fills up but it slowly runs back I am going crazy trying to figure this thing out I had a mechanic look at it but he says it might be the upper reed valves he got it to idle but now it won't start I put a vacuum pump on the carbs and needle valves are working as they should they are WMA2 carbs with no pumps on the side of carbs I have tried air screws out 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns out if anyone has any ideas I would really like to hear them

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