1996 Evirude 50hp E50TLED

by Keven
(Clinton, Tn)

I just bought a 14 ft 1985 bayliner with a 1996 50hp evinrude outboard. I'm having a problem with starting and then keeping motor idling. Once I get it started after alot of cranking and priming, it starts but coughs and sputters and will usually die out. I can quickly put into gear and throttle to keep it running, but I feel like a jerk because I'm launching in a no wake marina. So far I have only changed spark plugs. If anybody has any suggestions on what I should look at, my wife and I would greatly appreciate it. It's kinda scary not knowing if it will start when we are out in the middle of nowhere on the water. We live in Eastern Tennessee and go boating on head waters above the Norris dam. There are a lot of remote areas that other boaters don't frequent often. I'm working on a trolling motor attachment. Thank you for reading my post.

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