1996 88hp Johnson spl

by Matthew
(Shreveport LA)

The engine will idle great and cranks perfectly fine but under a load of more than an idle motor has no power nor can it plain out and Boggs really bad and this Problem started slowly over a period of 3 weekends.. I have taken both carburetors off and cleaned everything,Has great spark on all 4 cylinders, fuel mixture is correct with new gas, new fuel filter, all 4 new coil packs and power pack was replaced 2 months ago. When the problem started I was just loosing power at WOT and backing off a little fixed the issue so I adjusted the linkage so both carbs were the same and also changed plugs because they were white like motor was running lean. The next weekend motor started fine and at first motor ran great for a 3 mile run and turned motor off for about 30 mins and stared fine but had a hard time planning off but at WOT ran fine until I cranked again to move and had almost no power to plane off but motor wouldn’t go past around 3500-3800 rpms and now after doing everything I know to do it has gotten worse and has no power past idle speed but it does not die and will idle all day long like a new engine. Last year I had this exact same issue and I gave up and took it to a certified mechanic and after he replaced EVERYTHING from power packs and fuel pump and coil packs and anything that has electricity going to it he couldn’t figure it out and then he after a month he finally fixed it and he told me that there is a bolt that backed out and its rare to have it happen because it is suppose to break off or somthing but mine backed out and he tightened it and it fixed my motor and since then I haven’t had the first problem until now. Can someone share some insight on what my problem might be please because I don’t know where to go from here.

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