1996 75 hp mercury force engine, OF184137

by Rick
(Eau Claire, WI, USA)

1996 75 hp mercury force engine,

1996 75 hp mercury force engine,

Put the pontoon in last weekend for the first time this season. It started right up and seemed to run fine in full, mid, and no wake throttle.

When we were making our way back to the dock through a no wake zone, it suddenly quit, and wouldn't fire back up. Turned over easily, and I could smell gas so I was pretty sure it wasn't a fuel problem.

Once we got it back to the dock, I went to look and see what the plugs looked like, and that's when I noticed my first issue; cracked off terminal in the boot and no longer attached to the plug. (Champion L76V)

Replaced it with the only one I could get my hands on, an NGK equivalent, but to no avail.

Planning on checking the coil with a spark tester next weekend, but am looking for insight on what else I can investigate.

It ran flawlessly last summer, and seemed to be this first time out too. Then this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.

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