1995 Yamaha 40 hp TLRT 2 cycle 3 cylinder outboard motor

by John
(Wilmington, N.C.)

The motor starts and idles fine but when the throttle, 703 remote throttle control, is pushed to full throttle the motor will not exceed 2,000 - 2,500 rpm. Sometimes the motor will tach. up and run @ 5,500 rpm but not often. I had an outboard motor mechanic, my neighbor, run the boat to trouble shoot for a possible cause but as my luck would have it the motor performed normally. Could the neutral switch be the problem?
I read that it could be an issue for some motors if the shift cable doesn't engage a neutral switch mounted on motor.

(I have ordered a new fuel pump, fuel lines and carburetor rebuild kit for the 3 carburetors.)

Any suggestions on possible cause or for steps for a process of elimination to resolve this?

Thanking you in advance,

J. Jordan

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