1995 Mercury Exar

by Dennis
(Ogden il USA)

I have a 1995 mercury XR I 150 that I took out on the lake and noticed it would bogg down when I was trying to give it throttle several times and never would plain out right, brought it home turn the ignition key on and noticed that the fuel pump would keep intermittently pumping after the initial 30 second charge of the fuel pressure and would not stop until I turn the key off. I actually took it to a mechanic and he had it for several months and called me back scratching his head and said he can't figure it out possibly send ECU off so I did that sent it to Dennis Hoffman and he told me ECU is fine possible electrical problem to look into as of right now battery voltage is12.5 volts at battery,at the fuel pump on both negative and positive is 12.5 to 12.6. When key is on it is still 12.5 and when the pump is intermittent it drops too 0.5 - 1.5 volts when pump kicks off back to 12.5. Just looking for some advice as now I am scratching my head and not sure if it's an ignition problem of some sort if anybody has any info I would really appreciate it thank you in advance.

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