1995 Mercury 115 HP Fuel Primer Bulb

by Jimmy T.
(Tuscaloosa, AL)

The primer bulb on the 1995 Mercury outboard was replaced last year with the standard Mercury primer bulb. Usually the night before I go fishing, I pump the primer bulb up while preparing the boat. When launching the boat the next morning, the bulb is always soft. The primer bulb that was on the boat did the same thing. I am guess I am asking, what is normal? I talk to other boat owners and they have never even had to pump the fuel bulb up on their boat. Should the fuel bulb still be tight in the morning when I go fishing?

The boat runs fine. Cold cranking is fine. However, sometimes when the engine heats up, cranking can take a few tries before having a good idle that will not die when the engine is put in gear.

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