1995 Johnson 225 Ocean Runner

by Doug
(Hilton Head, South Carolina)

1995 Johnson 225 Ocean Runner J225TXEOB won't idle/run

This is "project" boat I recently purchased.

New fuel lines and separator installed

New Champion spark plugs gapped to .030

Small leak in primer solenoid so rebuilt with kit that seemed to fix problem

Throttle linkage synchronized to OMC specks

Anti Siphon valve seemed to stick so have tried without valve and also with a new inline one way valve

With everything I did above the motor will fire up but runs for about 8-10 seconds than quickly dies

My last upgrades I did were rebuilding the carbs and I also wanted to go with premix. Instead of using the old VRO which may or may not have been working properly, I installed a new pre mix fuel pump. I also had no idea how old the fuel in the tank was so I used a portable tank with fresh non ethanal gas pre mixed 50:1

When I fired up after these last upgrades the motor sounded really good and strong but again died after about 10 seconds.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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