1994 volvo penta 5.0 MPI Model #50FACPMDA

by Troy D Holt
(Modesto CA)

1994 OMC Cobra 5.0 with MPFI
Model # 50FACPMDA
Serial # TO1265536
One day on the lake we set out from the dock and all was going well. When we reached the edge of the 5MPH zone I began to accelerate, but the motor just sputtered and died. I checked the pressure on the system and found zero. I replaced the low pressure and high-pressure fuel pumps, the fuel filter and the fuel pressure regulator, but still the motor starts fine, idles fine, revs to 5000RPM in neutral and will even let you move forward or backward at about 5MPH, but if you try to go any faster the motor coughs and spits and then dies. It will start right back up.
With a pressure gauge hooked up I observed that the fuel pressure bottoms out when I put a load on the motor. What other than a bad pressure reg could cause these symptoms?

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