1993 Yamaha 115 H.P. runs fine with ear muffs on but wont go past 2,300 RPM's in the water.

by Casey
(Southwest Michigan )

So, we have a 1993 Ranger 330v Apache with a 1993 Yamaha 115 H.P. Pro V oil injection. We were out on the lake a few weeks ago and we lunched out and the boat ran fine. On the way back the motor wouldn't get past 2,300 RPM's and wouldn't plane. It acts like it is bogging down:anyhow I cleaned the gas filter, replaced the primer bulb made sure all the hose's where placed on tight and the head scratcher is when we are land with the ear muff's on it runs great but put in the water it just bog's down at 2300 RPM's. I am highly frustrated because it's the first time in 20 years that we have had any trouble with it so any help would be much appreciated.

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