1993 Mercury 200hp 2.5 2 stroke

by Mark
(Victoria Australia;)

Hi I’m Mark from Australia.
I have a 1993 Mercury 200hp 2.5 that has just recently started sounding a constant alarm when turning the key.
The motor was running alright then I stopped the boat and went to start it back up about 20 mins later and now a constant alarm and motor running rough.
Turned the key the next morning and the motor appears to be running ok and no alarm.
Take the boat out again and the same thing happens again.
Mechanic doesn’t seem to think it’s over heating as he has had the temp gun on the engineering after running for an hour.
The impeller has been replaced thermostats replaced and poppet valve replaced.
The mechanic decided to try an oil module sensor from another engine for some reason and now the alarm has changed to an intermittent sound and still running rough.
He has told me the compression is good and the motor has only done approx 140 hours fresh water only.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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