1993 Johnson Fast Strike 150 warning horn comes on steady

by Tim C.
(Raleigh, NC)

I have a 1993 Johnson Fast Strike 150 (Model VJ150GLET) that has a situation of when ever I turn the switch on,(not to the point of cranking) the alarm horn sounds immediately, comes on steady and does not stop. I know it is normal for it to emit a short beep, but not this. According to the chart near this warning horn there are 2 possible causes for the horn to do this while the engine is running, either overheating or a fuel flow restriction, but this is with the engine off and the switch on. I traced the problem to what I feel is the port side temp switch, because when I remove the tan/blue wire to this switch, the horn stops. With this wire removed, it will still emit the short beep when turning off and then back on again which is normal. I just wanted to be sure I was on the right track with this. The engine cranks and runs fine hooked up to the water hose, it emits a steady stream of water from the little outlet hole as it should, so I don't feel it's overheating even when running. However, I have not run it long enough to overheat anyway since this problem has occurred. I have order a new temp switch and will install and see if this corrects the problem. Also according to my ohm meter the switch is stuck in the closed position which I would think is wrong as it should not be closed until it heats up. Any help or input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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