1993 Johnson 200hp model TXETF

by Terry Ginn
(Wilmington, NC)

New switch

New switch

Shift interrupt switch malfunction. I have two questions.
1). Should the shift interrupt switch go to ground (show continuity) when depressed to drop the bank of cylinders when shifting out of gear to neutral?
2). Did the switch operation change in later years to indicate continuity when push button is not depressed and an open circuit when depressed?

My service manual agrees with the switch operating according to the first scenario. The original switch (P/N 0584754, substitute P/N 0586294) are both no longer available.
The dealership sold me a switch for a newer model year motor that looks identical to the original with current P/N 585141 (this switch works according to the second scenario).
My service manual Indicates that the switch is defective if it reads high ohms when the push button is depressed.
The switch the dealership sold me indicates continuity when the switch is not depressed and high ohms when depressed. I’m trying to determine if the switch design for later year models was changed to support a different type of circuit?


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