1993 Celebrity with a 454

by Liss
(Owasso, Oklahoma )

I’m writing about my boyfriends boat. (By the way,..I’m a land surveyor!) We just got it ready to take out for the first time in 2 years. It has a brand new battery, and we've Never had a problem with the boat,..but today,..Father’s day, we got it out on Grand Lake in Ok. And it started getttjng really hot. Then smoke started coming up from where the motor is smoke even started coming out by the steering wheel. The floor was really hot by the motor. We couldn’t see any flames but it was definitely smoking a lot. We shut down and towed it back to the landing. My boyfriend is at a loss because he takes great care of it, replacing spark plugs and the whole deal. (Forgive me if I have used the wrong boat lingo..I’m just learning!)
Any ideas what would cause it to get hot and start smoking?? We sure appreciate any advice or a place to start!

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