1992 mariner 150HP

by aaron

i have a 1992 mariner 150 hp outboard, i don't know alot about boats, im a new owner. heres the story i got about this motor. it had a dead number 4 cyclinder, the previous owner had it rebuilt, 1 year ago totally rebuilt, i have the paper work to prove it. ok my issue is this, this boat runs great top end or after it planes out, 50 mph with one person. but the intial get up and go is not there, when i hammer the gas, i get a rough vibration and it starts to bog down, like maybe its getting to much gas, but eventually catches up with its self and i have all kinds of power. not sure about the vibrating, or the lag. and why after running it across the lake and when i turn it off, is it hard to start back up.

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