1992 9.9 Tohatsu struggles to get on the plane

by Troy
(New South Wales, Australia)

Hi I have a 9.9 Tohatsu that has been sitting in the shed for 3 to 4 years.I recently got it out and put on the boat,it started 2nd or 3rd pull and idles fine but once you give it some revs or put it into gear and try to get on the plane you can hear it missing and it struggles to get on the plane cutting in and out all the time but once it finally does get up on the plane it runs fine but it is blowing a bit of smoke more than what it use to.I thought it mite of been the jets in the carbie but i checked them and they were fine.Ive taken the boat out again after checking the jets and it seems to be getting worse,struggling more or sometimes it won't even get on the plane.What would you think or recommend it could be.Cheers Troy

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