1991 mercury 2.5l 200

by Larry
(Lake Placid,Florida)

Motor starts and idles fine when you put it in gear it will not get on plane now. Before it would seem like it was bogging down then it would take off after about 100-150 yards when the rpms went high enough then it would be fine.Stator and trigger assy.are 2 years old (cdi parts)stator checks out at 2400-2500 ohms on the leads trigger checks out at 900-1000 ohms both within specs from cdi the carbs have been rebuilt all coils are ok.I was thinking it was the low speed side of stator but it checks ok from cdi specs. Mercury specs are much higher 3500-4200 ohms will a new stator fix problem or am I missing something also switch boxes are new.Thanks in advance,Larry

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