1991 johnson 60hp 3cyl.

by mike grewell
(seaside, ca. u.s.a monterey county)

1991 johnson 60

1991 johnson 60

at trolling speed (3mph) it seems to get too hot. i already replaced the water pump about a month ago. i"ve trolled in the past and did"nt have any problems. buti can probably tell you why ,at the same time i did the pump i also reinstalled the the t-stat assy. i like the way it runs now, it never seemed to warm up before, and it never held warmth you know. but now trying to troll for salmon, i see the temp gauge rise up to the gauge says 190ish. what temp is considered overheated? i dont think the pump could be wore out this quick, i installed complete assy. not just impeller. it seems like a flow problem, but thats how the cooling system is kind of designed, with the spring loaded flow plunger on the tstat. at low speeds there isnt a whole lot of water that could make it through the stat alone. dont tell me i need a troll baffle to be able to get engine speed high enough to get plunger to open. maybe i need to remove t-stat again, but i know its not good for the engine in many ways, besides not developing max hp until proper temp. well what do you think? p.s. i really love this motor, i used to have a chrysler 105 , also a good engine, despite all the crap people talk about them, i learned alot from working on that engine, its the perfect engine to learn on. and once i went to electronic ignition i never had a problem again, except for maybe keeping gas in the sucker. lots of power, quiet, and always started for me, and idled beautifully. but the johnson is plenty of power for me,you can only go so fast in the ocean with a boat my size. the boat regulates the speed, plus i love the vro w/ external tank, small size,and the best feature ,power trim!!!please think about, and maybe come up with some pointers. any tips would be appreciated, big or small, i figure two heads are better than one, and always keep mind open for learning purposes. thank you. mikergrewell@gmail.com

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