1991 Force 90 HP

by Hugh
(Superior, MT)

I've had this boat for about 10 years now and the above motor has always been a bit finicky to start. It only wants to start when it is trimmed up/tilted forward. It refuses to start when in the full down position.

The only issue I've had other than this is that the motor tends to stall out when I first put it into gear, unless I immediately bump up the throttle.

This spring, I replaced the stator as it was not charging the battery when running, that issue has been resolved. I also removed the carbs and cleaned them well-all the jets were open and the bowls were clean. I replaced all the fuel lines from the fuel pump to the carbs, checked the chokes and butterflies after the reinstall, they are all working as they should. I ran the air/fuel mix screws in and then back out one full turn.

I haven't had it in the water yet to check the idle when the motor is is trimmed down, but with the mouse ears, it runs smooth.

Any ideas what could be causing the "tilt start" issue or the stall issue? I thought it sounded like a fuel/air mix or carb problem, but the floats were level, jets were clean and I replaced the needle pins.


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