1991 Evinrude 120 hp e120 won't start

by Daniel
(Las Vegas, NV)

For some reason my boat won't start anymore. It just keeps cranking. I have strong spark and proper fuel and compression. Back story on the issue. I just replaced my rectifier and after installing it the motor fired right up. It sounded clean and strong. I killed the motor because it was smoking up my garage and I didn't grab any fans yet. Grabbed some fans and attempted to fire her back up. She just keeps on cranking. At first I thought it was flooded. Pulled the plugs, blew out the cylinders and tested spark. All was good and it still won't start.

Crazy thing is now all of a sudden when I push the key in to engage the choke, once I turn the ignition switch to the on position I blow a 25 amp fuse and afterwards there's no cranking. I can replace the fuse and try and fire it up and it will just continue to crank but not fire up. Once I push the key in again it blows the fuse. It's never had this issue before.

I'm trying to figure out why that fuse keeps blowing every time I push the key in and turn it to the on position. Other issue is how come the motor won't fire up anymore? Is there a possibility of whatever is shorting out the choke wire is causing the motor to go in some fault mode where it won't fire? The ignition switch looks fine. I disconnected the yellow/black wire from the ignition switch and tried firing the motor again. It will crank and once I push the key in for choke, the fuse won't blow. From what I read I think the yellow/black wire on the ignition switch goes to the choke. Is there a key area to look into in order to diagnose this properly? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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