1990 140 hp johnson outboard-model #J140tlase

by david
(Fort Myers,Fl.)

Just bought this outboard to put on my boat from a marine service center. Compression is 145 per cylinder. Starts up every time after launching. The first time out after purchasing the motor ran great. Good RPM's. 5000 to 5600. The problem since then is every time i leave the dock the motor shuts off within 100 ft. of the dock. Have to sit for a couple minutes before it will restart. Then when i try to get on plane the motor hesitates. spits and sputters. I have to just keep letting off and then throttling until something finally clears. Sometimes i travel up to 1 mile before this happens. Motor runs perfect the rest of the day. It totally has me baffled. Oh by the way i have eliminated everything from the gas tank to the primer bulb. No problem there. I NEED HELP PLEASE!. My name is Dave T. from Fort Myers, Fl. Email - davidtraurig@yahoo.com

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