1989 Thompson Daytona 225 will not start

by Dennis Mandel Davis Sr
(St Joseph, MI)

A week ago was out fishing and put boat in nuetral (just adjusted throttle as we were heading to fishing spot) and boat died and would not start back up. Determined the problem to most likely be a starter issue. After paying a huge tow bill to get back to the boat launch, got boat home and went to work. Boat has the 5.0l lx engine (305ci). I took starter in and found it to be bad, so had it rebuilt. Because of history with boat, I also decided to replace entire starting system (ignition switch, solenoids, 2 new batteries and new cables). After all was assembled I tryed starting it and....... it wont start.

Have 12.5volts through entire system, but when I turn the key to start, it engages starter motor but will not crank engine. Checked voltage as key was being turned and voltage drops to around 4-5 volts. This was measured at starter, relay and switch. Cannot figure what the problem is, can anyone please help?

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