1989 Mercury, Black Max 150 2 stroke, oil injected

by Bob Tamandli
(Tahuya, Washingtom)

So, after already fixing the ignition control modules, and other things, like water in my tank due to a boat mechanics mistake, it sat all winter with an empty tank. I have a 1988 2160 Trophy, for reference. I started it 2 months ago with a remote tank, ran fine. Just put in 5 gallons to the onboard tank, 3 days ago, ran great. Went to go fishing, put an additional 30 gallons in tank, put the boat in the water, started up just fine, idled great, took off from the dock and got about 400 yards away, motor slowed down and died. Acted like I was out of fuel. Limped my way back to the dock while holding the choke in, only way it would keep running. I just don't understand it. Still won't run without the choke either being pushed multiple time or held in.

Went from running great to crap in less than 12 hours.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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