1989 mercury 200

by Trey

I am having trouble with my mercury engine, when I start out the engine runs great I have ran it up to 2hrs without a problem. Then when I stop to fish for like 1hr or so I start to have problems with losing power. The fuel ball is flat and I can go full speed for about 10 seconds then I lose power and the engine shuts off. The boat will start back up and run fine in idle for a few and then I can go full speed again for 10seconds and lose power again. This has happened numerous times, I have replaced fuel line, check valve and fuel ball. I am certain that it is a vent issue, I have taken the gas cap off while running to try to help, but nothing changed. There could be junk in the tank that is blocking I just believe that it would happen all of the time if this where the only problem, Any advice or ideas will help, its just frustrating to deal with because it only happens after running for awhile and then sitting. thanks for any help

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