1989 johnson outboard model- j40telcec

by Chad
(Fort Wayne, IN)

I don't know much about boats, but I'm a fast learner and a mechanic of sorts. I didn't know when i got it, that it had trim for the motor. I took it out and as soon as i try to get up to speed, the nose goes straight up and it won't plane out. I then began to wonder why. I first thought it was too much motor for this 16ft aluminum sea nymph, until i noticed the motor was not level. I then noticed a cable that was hanging next to the throttle. It is supposed to be connected to a lever next to the throttle that controls the trim. Here i am wondering how to repair this and if this is just a cable operated trim or if it is automatic somehow? The coupler that connects to a ball joint at the trim lever is broken. Can i replace the cable, the coupler, or will i need a whole new system? What else may i run in to when attempting this repair? I tried to pull and push cable with channel locks, but wasn't able to achieve any results. I would think i could push or pull hard enough to get results since the coupler that broke was plastic. Since i didn't get any results, i began to wonder if there is more wrong. I don't want to get too deep without more expertise, so this is exactly where I'm at with it. Any help would be awesome.

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