1989 Johnson 60 HP Outboard J60TLCEA

by Brian

1989 Johnson 60 HP

1989 Johnson 60 HP

My motor runs a little rough at idle and when I accelerate hard it sputters on the low end. Once it get going it accelerates pretty good mid range and the top end is fine. I hit about 30-35 MPH. I rebuilt the middle carb last year as I had fuel pouring out of the side screen on carb. It seems like it is not getting enough fuel. I thought maybe I should just rebuild all the carbs and maybe change the fuel tank. I have some older tanks and thought maybe the fuel pickup in them could be getting clogged or preventing a good flow of gas. I also thought I should replace plugs. The motor sits on a 17 foot lowe bass boat so its pretty light. My kids like to pull their friends on the wakeboard but the lack of low end and sputtering makes it hard to get up sometimes. Maybe a carb setting? maybe only rebuilding the one carb has the tuning out of whack? Would love a professional opinion. Thanks for your time.

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